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A unique, fully-automated network solution that focuses on simplifying the design, build and operations of your Local Area Network
The Need for
Modernizing Networks
The need for centralized orchestration of applications, network elements, and interfaces has never been more critical in meeting end-user expectations. The rush of both business and user needs are growing dynamically, exponentially, and more complex, quickly adding to the list of features, functions, and devices that a network must support.
Deploying SD-LAN
The Relief from “Network Lock-In” Fatigue
Customers are challenged with the difficulty in deploying commodity hardware with LAN software, along with “lock-in-fatigue” with their existing network hardware providers and limited “end-of-life” support options.
Legacy Network
Extending the life of legacy switching estates by overlaying an SD-LAN orchestration platform that eliminates the need for intensive “rip and replace” capital expenditure. Enabling a graceful LAN transformation on a timeline driven by business priorities.
New Network
A clean slate deployment that is not limited by any existing network architecture. SD-LAN is agnostic to hardware and topology, allowing for optimization of a new network architecture to meet the performance requirements with minimal capital expenditure.
Making Complex Technology
Smarter, Faster, and More Secure
BeyondEdge’s SD-LAN is an adaptable, self-organizing orchestration software that simplifies the network design and management quickly and securely. SD-LAN provides a highly defined visualization and virtualization of your entire network so that you can deploy new technologies, layer network security and troubleshoot quickly.
100% Software Defined
Optimized Security
100% Future Ready
SD-LAN is a complete, end to end network platform that orchestrates LAN operations and applications from one centralized location.
A zero-trust network access system with multilayered authentication, that allows for detailed visibility of network anomalies with automatic self correction.
Scalable and agile, making your network faster and more efficient, ensuring future proofing of your network as business and customer demands exponentially grow.
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